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High welfare trap refers to a series of
social security measures provided by Western European countries after World War
II, including pension, medical treatment, childbirth, work-related injury and
so on. The reason why high benefits become “traps” lies in the fact
that the state violates the basic principle of “living as hard as
possible” and provides benefits to the citizens far beyond the
government’s financial ability. Since these welfare meals are too much and too
high, they have crushed the finances and can only get caught in the vicious
cycle of consuming food and clothing.

The social
welfare of “cradle to grave” in high-welfare countries once attracted
the envy of the world. However, since the 1980s, the economic stagnation of
high-welfare countries has gradually changed people’s minds. The OECD has
deliberated on the crisis brought about by high welfare, with the topic of
“Welfare countries in crisis.”

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