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Introduction to Nouns

A ‘noun’ is the part of speech in English grammar. It is used on our daily basis. But what actually is it? A name?  A place? Or both? Or something else?

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A ‘noun’ is a word that defines a name of the person, place, animal or a thing. Moreover, it is generally used to entitle living creatures, objects, actions, qualities etc.

Example: -name of a boy: Joy

                  name of a place: fort

                  name of a thing: key 

Now that you know what noun is, let us see the classification of noun mentioned in the following table:

(Source: Wikipedia)

Common nouns: They are used to represent a group that is in common.

For example: a group of countries, a group of people etc.

Proper nouns: These nouns are used to represent a unique identity.

For example: a name of a person, a name of a country etc.

Collective nouns: They are used to refer a group containing more than one individual or entity, even when they are inflected for the singular.

For example: government, police etc.

Concrete nouns: They represent those physical entities that can be at least sense from one of the five senses.

For example: a pebble, stars etc.

Abstract nouns: These nouns represent ideas or imaginary things that have no real existence.

For example: happiness, guilt, hatred etc.

Countable nouns: They represent quantities which can be counted.

For example: pens, oranges etc.

Uncountable nouns: They represent quantities which we cannot count.

For example: butter, water etc.

Let us do a small activity to better your understanding:Q. In the picture, the type of noun is?

(Source: Wikipedia)

A. Countable noun, as we can count the number of bananas.

Q. In the picture, the type of noun is?

(Source: Wikipedia)

A.  Collective noun as it represents military people.

Q. In the picture, the type of noun is?

(Source: Wikipedia)

A. Proper noun.

Now you may also think that ‘Taj Mahal’ is a place so it can come under common noun too. But mind the difference the word “taj-mahal” indicates the name of the place in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

To clear your understanding, the relationship between the common noun and proper noun has been shown in the following picture:

(Source: Wikipedia)


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